Caldwell Environmental was established in 1990 with the aim of de-mystifying septic system treatment for the owners and day-to-day users of these systems. Caldwell Environmental and its products represents years of research into the development of its products, which eliminates fats, oils, grease, solid wastes, hydrocarbons from the environment—naturally. Caldwell products (known by their trade name BioRem®) are currently used in over 1500 sites, including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and other commercial contexts.

Caldwell Environmental is pleased to offer its clients products that are entirely natural. The American Type Culture Collection classifies Caldwell’s products as naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, non-opportunistic, and salmonella-free—and we are proud of the hard work that has gone into their development. Caldwell’s products are registered with and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, allowing them to be used in all establishments operating under the Federal meat and poultry inspection programs. Caldwell Environmental products lines are economical, safe, and easy to use . They will not corrode, deteriorate, discolor, or harm metal, PVC, wood, plastic or concrete.

So how does it work? When a prospective client calls Caldwell Environmental, someone will evaluate your septic system and discuss the scope of maintenance or repair needs. A 10% discount is given to first-time buyers (as well as for referrals). Our product is shipped within 24 hours of the receipt of the order. Caldwell Environmental’s products can increase the efficiency of septic systems by up to 96%. Call today!

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